How You Can Help Current Situation In Syria?

Since its beginnings in March 2011, the Syrian conflict has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and of militants. More than 3 million people have been displaced, of whom 1.1 million people by March 2013 have become refugees in neighboring countries, and more than 2 million people have been internally displaced. As the situation has deteriorated month after month, the focus has shifted towards saving people’s lives by providing them with food, health, and shelter. In an area called the Christian valley is s village called Yazdeia, a small village of 2500. Like many villages with all of the fighting there has been a flood of displaced families from fighting areas such as Homs, Aleppo, Damascus and Ham. In partnership with the Presbyterian church of Yazedia, Middle East Fellowship is collecting funds to help these displaced Syrians

The Presbyterian church of Yazedia established a committee for social and medical assistance and has recently set its focus on emergency services for displaced children with many families. There are currently 300 displaced families in and around the village of Yazedia. Funding through this local church provides food and non-food relief items such as cash assistance to help families pay rent, provide medicine for the sick and war wounded, as well as helping war orphans. Current relief focuses are on providing school kits for displaced children so they may resume education in the interim and oil for heating as winter approaches.

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