Helping With Middle East Crisis


Since its beginnings in March 2011, the Syrian conflict has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and of militants. More than 3 million people have been displaced, of whom 1.1 million people by March 2013 have become refugees in neighboring countries, and more than 2 million people have been internally displaced. As the situation has deteriorated month after month, the focus has shifted towards saving people’s lives by providing them with food, health, and shelter. -To learn more click here.


Certainly the largest problem in Jordan at the moment has to do with the migration of Syrian Refugees into the country.
 With the ongoing Syrian Crisis, the flow of refugees into Jordan continues to increase exponentially. The Government of Jordan estimates there are now over 600.000 Syrians in the country of which over half are children. Other sources are estimating that the total number of Syrians who entered Jordan since the beginning of 2012 exceeds one million. To learn more about this crisis, and what you can do to help, click here. 


The Syrian crisis worsens, and more refugees flow into Lebanon. As of March 9, 2013 the Lebanese government estimates there are over 1,000,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The need to help these families is increasing exponentially. Middle East Fellowship recognizes the excellent work of “The Heart for Lebanon”, and local and international partners working together all over Lebanon to meet the various needs of these families who have fled their country with minimal belongings. Because of their excellent work MEF has chosen to collect funds and pass them on to this worthwhile ministry.

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